Travel and Tourism Board to bid out executive director job

Posted: Saturday, June 18, 2016 4:30 am

Travel and Tourism Board to bid out executive director job

By Melissa Cassutt
Jackson Hole Daily

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The Travel and Tourism Board will seek bids for an executive director.

“Typically, with independent contractor positions in the county, we like to rebid those every two to three years,” Teton County Deputy Attorney Erin Weisman said. “This went out to bid in 2012. It’s definitely time to put it out to bid again.”

The director executes the plans of the seven-member volunteer board, which formed in January 2011. The board controls 60 percent of funds collected from the county’s 2 percent lodging tax, used to promote travel and tourism in the shoulder seasons.

The sitting executive director is Kate Sollitt, who has held the contract since 2012.

The position comes with up to $92,000 in compensation.

“There aren’t that many independent contractor positions like this in the county,” Weisman said, “and it’s a fairly desirable job.”

The Travel and Tourism Board met Friday to approve a three-month extension of Sollitt’s contract to allow the board time to develop a request for proposal, Chairman Alex Klein said.

“We made the conscious decision, with advice from council, that this contract should be put out to bid from time to time, as we do with all contracts,” Klein said. “This is not a reflection that we’re not happy. Quite the contrary. We’re very happy with Kate’s performance.”

Sollitt said she plans to submit a bid for the position when it is advertised.

“After next year, I will have the most institutional knowledge of anyone because two of the original board member terms up are up next June,” she said. “So it will be an all new board, in essence.

“It kind of behooves everyone to have continuity,” she said. “It’s a big responsibility.”

Weisman said proposals will initially be reviewed by a committee, likely comprised of two to three board members, a county attorney, County Commissioners’ Administrator Alyssa Watkins, and a representative from the town.

The final decision of who is selected for the contract will be made by the board, she said.

Klein hopes the request for proposals will be advertised in the next six weeks. Sollitt’s extended contract ends Sept. 30.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016 4:30 am.

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