Thanksgiving Travel: Wet in West; Slippery in Central States

People headed home following the Thanksgiving holiday may encounter some weather-related travel delays Sunday night; however, much of the nation should experience favorable travel weather.

Rain, Snow to Fall Across West

The first piece of a storm set to deliver rain to California around the middle of this week will begin to impact the state into Sunday night, causing some issues for Thanksgiving travelers on along the West Coast.

The biggest issues are expected to occur over northern California where the storm system will produce periods of rain. This rain could lead to delays as far south as San Francisco and Sacramento.

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While drenching rain is forecast to stay well north of cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego, low clouds and areas of drizzle could result in delays, particularly for people trying to fly out of the area into Sunday night.

Some snow is also forecast to fall over portions of Wyoming, Utah and the Sierra Nevada of California, which can lead to slick roadways. This includes segments of interstate 80 that track through mountainous areas.

Black Ice Risk From Oklahoma to Illinois

Icy travel is a concern in the swath from Oklahoma to southern Illinois and southern Indiana Sunday night into Monday morning.

Just enough snow, sleet and rain can fall and freeze on surfaces to make for a dangerous thin layer of black (clear) ice.

Frigid, But Dry Over the Northern Plains

Travelers across the northern Plains should not have to worry about any weather-related delays on Sunday.

However, people across the region should bundle up before heading out as temperatures will remain well below freezing throughout the day with even lower RealFeelĀ® temperatures due to gusty winds from the north.

If you have plans to spend any amount of time outdoors across the northern Plains, you should dress in layers and wear the proper clothing to protect yourself from the harsh cold.

If you are outside for an extended period of time without wearing the proper clothing, you are at risk of getting frostbite or even hypothermia.

This bitter cold is expected to remain over the region through the first part of this week before temperatures moderate for the second half of the week.

Dry Weather to End Weekend For the East

After a winter storm caused headaches for millions of travelers in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, those headed home along the East Coast expect dry weather and warming conditions across the region for Sunday.

These dry conditions should make for good travel conditions from New York to New Orleans for both those taking to the roads and to the air.

Farther west, spotty light rain and drizzle could lead to some minor issues for travelers around Pittsburgh, Detroit and Indianapolis.

The bigger issue across this region may arrive after nightfall as temperatures dip below freezing, causing some slick spots on the wet roadways.

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