Recordbreaking weekend for Holiday travel

LANSING, MI (WLNS)- After the Thanksgiving turkey, many people return to their families and friends.

AAA experts have named this Thanksgiving holiday, one of the most traveled holiday weeks in history.

According to AAA this Thanksgiving marks the busiest travel weekend in the past eight years.

Experts say more than 1 million people traveled an average of about 50 miles to see family and friends for the thanksgiving holiday. That’s up one percent from last year, according to AAA.

On a national level more than 42 million American’s placed their foot on the gas this holiday weekend, and 3.6 million took to the skies.

Of those numbers, in Michigan 1.35 million traveled by car, and more than one hundred thousand traveled by plane.

“Over 1.5 million people were traveling over 50 miles from their home. The majority of those folks are traveling by automobile” Susan Hilts Public affairs director of AAA Michigan said.

And while, driving has remained to be the popular trend, I spoke with some travelers at Capitol Region International Airport who prefer to fly. He and his daughter join the crowd of holiday travelers.

“Yup we off to New York, we got to get back to school tomorrow unfortunately” Matt Debnar said as his eight year old daughter Sofia held his leg.

Matt Debnar and his daughter Sofia tell six news they enjoyed their Thanksgiving in Michigan.

“I helped grandma make a very delicious pie” Sofia Debnar  explained.

But as the holidays come to an end, Kathy Debnar explains that it’s always hard to say goodbye.

“Oh every time it’s tough and it never gets easy but we look forward to the hellos that are around the corner” Kathy Debnar said while wiping the tears from her face.

This year marks the 7th consecutive year of growth for thanksgiving travelers, and officials hope this trend continues.

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