People Are Less Likely To Travel This Summer Puts Party Tent in Higher …

People choosing to not travel and stay home this summer brings higher sales for party tents for a leading canopy supplier.

Palmdale, Ca (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

With rising gas prices and unemployment rates at an all-time high, it is not surprising that the fact that people are less likely to travel this summer puts party tents in higher demand. With less money to spend, more and more people are opting to make the most of the resources that they already have. Even though they will be staying at home during the traditional vacation months, these individuals know that they can still have a fantastic time.

Ace Canopy has seen a 20% increase in party tent sales for May and June of 2012 compared to May and June of 2011.

Steve Benson of Ace Canopy says, “We have had many more calls for party tents this year compared to last year. People are telling us they would rather stay home and entertain than travel.”

A party tent can be put to a number of very effective uses, especially on days when the sun is burning hot. People can use these to create a designated play space for small children. Creating an outdoor playground area helps to keep tots out of the way when a barbecue or other stay-at-home event is underway.

Parents can place sandboxes, sand and water tables or even small wading pools beneath these. They will allow you to create a veritable wonderland that will keep kids entertained for hours. More importantly, they dramatically reduce the likelihood for tykes with sensitive skin to get sunburned.

These are also great for setting up bars and food service areas for adults. They will help to keep food and drinks cool even when the temperature climbs quite high. Those that have mesh about their exterior will even help to keep the bugs out.

One of the most popular uses for these is for adult socializing. The interior area of the tents help keep people cool and well-shaded. People can eat, drink and converse with one another in optimal comfort. As with children, no adults need to worry about becoming sunburned either, whilst socializing in the shade.

Perhaps the foremost benefit of having an outdoor canopy for you home parties, however, is that they can make your yard area appear exceedingly stylish. This is a great way to create an utterly new environment right on your very own property. This is why the fact that people are less likely to travel this summer puts party tent in higher demand.

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