Follow those travel tips, especially leaving time for a connecting flight

Regarding “8 Basic Trips for Travelers” by Catharine Hamm in the June 12 Travel section: As a longtime international and domestic traveler who has been inconvenienced by nearly all of the incidents described in the article, I can attest to these tips and recommend following them.

Dallas, in particular, has caused me many an issue, so I always build in extra time if I’m going there or catching a connecting flight.

Paul Eggleton, Simi Valley


Remembering the Black Hills flood of 1972

Regarding the article on the Black Hills of South Dakota [“You’ll Never Forget This Face by Deb Hopewell, June 5]. I have not returned to that area since being there on June 8, 1972. My family and I — I was 12 at the time — spent the night at Grizzly Bear Campground.