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Is it just me or is mainstream travel today turning away from “relaxing” and practicing the fine art of, as the Italians would say, “far niente” or doing nothing, for the more rewarding “doing” vacations–vacations involving learning an art or craft rather just gawking at it in a museum?

Just as Berlin has embraced the idea of the learning vacation, the interesting Kreativ Reisen Burgenland has recently invited bloggers to sample some of the experiential travel opportunities in the Austrian region of Burgenland. One of our favorite bloggers/twitterers is on that trip, Andreas Susana (Travelwriticus), and following him on this journey should make for interesting reading. You can start at the link above, which goes to his blog.

Burgenland is the easternmost of Austria’s regions. Wedged between it and Hungary is the Neusiedler See, Austria’s largest lake and a favorite of birdwatchers and water sports enthusiasts.

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