Diplomats vent frustration at Tony Blair’s ‘manic’ travel demands

The unnamed official goes on to express concern in the email over the toll on staff who are being diverted from regular duties.

“Mr Blair has added another stopover before heading to Cairo a day later than announced at the end of last week. I appreciate the comments you have made on the demands these changes have also made on staff time at posts,” wrote the official.

In an email five days later, sent from the British embassy in Cairo to counterparts in Tel Aviv embassy, a diplomat asked if Mr Blair was going to appear after all. “Who knows? A mystery, the whole thing,” was the response.

Another diplomat wrote: “They haven’t got a meeting with Fawzi, unless something weird is going on …”

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/30/diplomats-vent-frustration-at-tony-blairs-manic-travel-demands/